Buying a Home Where the Seller is Giving Concessions! Use to Buy Down the Mortgage Rate

Buying a Home Where the Seller is Giving Concessions! Use to Buy Down the Mortgage RateArticle by – Vanessa Martin

What Exactly is a Mortgage Buy-Down?

A mortgage buydown is a way to lower the initial interest rate on a home loan for a specific period. It’s usually done when someone is buying a house and wants to reduce their initial monthly mortgage payments.

Here’s how it works:

Normally, when you get a mortgage, you’re charged a certain interest rate by the lender. This rate determines how much interest you’ll pay on the loan. With a mortgage buydown, there’s an agreement between the buyer, seller, or sometimes a third party. This agreement states that for an initial period (usually a few years), the interest rate will be lower than the regular rate.

To make up for the lower interest rate, someone (often the seller) makes an extra payment to the lender. This extra money helps cover the interest that the borrower isn’t paying during the buydown period.

After the initial period with the lower interest rate, the rate gradually goes up. This means your monthly payments will also go up because you’re paying more towards the interest.

So how does this benefit you, even though your payments increase later, a mortgage buydown can be helpful because it gives you some breathing room in the beginning. It can make buying a house more affordable right at the start. Over time, a mortgage buydown can save the borrower money compared to a regular mortgage, especially if they plan to sell the house before the higher interest rate kicks in.

Remember, the specific terms and arrangements of a mortgage buydown can vary, so it’s important to carefully read and understand the details of any buydown agreement before committing to it. If you’re considering a mortgage buydown,


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